ANTI-KEYSTONE® Packing Technology Benefits
Compression Packing With A Difference

ANTI-KEYSTONE® packing is the evolution of the revolutionary ANTI-KEYSTONE® packing.

Installations have shown that ANTI-KEYSTONE® Packing can provide:

  • 80% reduction in packing drag at 45 psi pressure drop.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Cooler running.
  • Reduced water consumption compared to conventionally braided packings.
  • Extended shaft & sleeve service life.
  • Better side to side contact between adjacent rings for better seating upon compression.
  • Resistance to spinning and glazing in the stuffing box at start-up.
  • Improved performance over conventional, trapezoidal and first-generation ANTI-KEYSTONE® packings.
  • Braided Labyrinth Seal-like operation!

These benefits mean that general pump maintenance may be reduced, and the packing rings could be replaced less often while operational costs are further reduced by using less energy and water.

Typical Installation With LRC & SATB (1)

Typical Installation with Lantern Ring & Self-Adjusting Throat Bushing


NEBCO’s™ ANTI-KEYSTONE® packing makes the difference you can see.


Worn & Good Sleeve

Left Picture: Six months service in paper stock using a conventionally braided square aramid-reinforced PTFE/Graphite packing.
Right Picture: Thirteen months service in paper stock using our unique ANTI-KEYSTONE® aramid-reinforced PTFE/Graphite packing.

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