NEBCO’s Hydropacking® is an extrusion resistant braided packing that provides extrusion resistance with a minimal amount of reinforcing yarn.

In sealing any equipment with mechanical compression packing, two problems exist – establishing a seal to control leakage of the media being handled and prevention of packing material extrusion into the inherent clearances between the parts of the equipment. The stuffing box throat, lantern ring (seal cage), and the gland follower all have clearances that are points of extrusion.

Conventional compression packing design relies on packing yarn to address these problems simultaneously. It attempts to resist chemical attack by the media, transfer frictional and process heat and provide sealability.
One solution has been the creation of packings braided from the combination of two yarns. One yarn, used on all four corners is intended to prevent extrusion. The second yarn, used in the center position of the braid, resists shrinkage from chemical attack.

Standard four corner reinforced square packing.

NEBCO™ Hydropacking® reduces these extrusion resistant corners by half. Thus, the maximum amount of desired primary yarn is used in any given style of Hydropacking®. These reinforced corners are extrusion resistant in rotating applications and hydraulically assisted in reciprocating and valve applications.

By combining two materials in a unique design, these packings provide optimum sealability.

  1. Primary yarn maximizes chemical resistance and heat transfer, minimizes shrinkage.
  2. Secondary yarn provides extrusion resistance and reduces distortion of the packing shape.
AKII Hydropacking

Two corner reinforced ANTI-KEYSTONE® Hydropacking®

Hydropacking installation varies according to equipment type and use. The installation illustrations below show Hydropacking applied in various pump, rod (ram), and valve services. These installations are by no means all of the possible which may employ the benefits of Hydropacking.

Hydropacking Installation



*Always install according to packing procedures and the instructions provided with Hydropacking extrusion resistant packing.

**For informational purposes only. New England Braiding Co., Inc. (NEBCO™) believes this information to be the best available. Any specific application you have should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability, safety and material compatibility. No warranty is expressed or implied as each application is unique. While we have used the utmost care in the preparation of this information, we assume no liability for errors or responsibility for consequential damages resulting from the use of these products.