SATB® (or Self-Adjusting Throat Bushing)

  • Description
    SATB Group A throat bushing in a pump is defined as “a device that forms a restrictive clearance around the sleeve (or shaft) between the seal chamber and the impeller”. NEBCO’s™ SATB® (or Self-Aligning Throat Bushing) is made from a TFE/Moly composite. Composite materials are ideal for throat bushings and provide durable, impact and thermally shock resistant parts with a lower wear rate and the ability to reduce equipment vibration. It can also provide a better seat for the packing on installation which can reduce packing tear-up & extend the service life.

    With composite materials, it is possible to reduce the gap between the bushing and the shaft to a minimum while avoiding contact-induced problems that can occur with traditional metallic systems. By creating a tighter clearance around the shaft, the SATB® helps isolate the sealing environment from the pump flow and prevents the flow of abrasive solids into the stuffing box.

    This change in clearance impacts the operating pressures within the stuffing box and by further manipulating the flush flow rate, it allows for finer control over the sealing device within the stuffing box and can reduce leakage even more.

    Installation is easy with split design. Equipment disassembly is not required for installation. Available as a single ring or as part of a ring set.
    NEBCO™ Style 1900 SATB® Self Aligning Throat Bushing – The Clearance Closer
  • Specification
    • pH range: 0-14
    • Temperatures to: 500° F (260° C)
    • Made from TFE/Moly Composite Material

  • Applications & Services
    Ideal for Agitators, Pumps, Refiners and Pulpers.

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