The Universal Seal Cage Lantern Ring (USCLR)

  • Description
    USCLR RollThe function of a lantern ring is to allow pressurized water/oil/grease into the stuffing box to help cool the pump shaft or sleeve and to keep contaminants out, extending the life of your equipment and packing.

    The USCLR is manufactured from PTFE. By installing a PTFE lantern ring instead of a metallic ring there is minimal scoring or galling of the pump shaft or sleeve. The material is drilled in evenly spaced intervals to allow access for the cooling media to enter the stuffing box. It is also slotted along the sides which improves its flexibility.

    USCLR GroupThe standard form of our USCLR is available for purchase in forty-eight-inch lengths. Having a roll of lantern ring material in your storeroom ensures minimal down time when a ring needs to be replaced quickly. Your inventory is reduced as it eliminates the need for individual lantern ring sizes of the same cross-section.
  • Specifications
    • pH range: 0-14.
    • Pressure to: 1,000 PSI (68 bar).
    • Temperature from: -400°F (-240°C) to 500°F (260°C).

  • Services
    The USCLR may be used in all services, except molten alkali metals. It is the preferred material for hygiene critical applications such as food or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Applicable for use in most industries including pulp & paper, hydroelectric, chemical and mining.

*Certain styles & sizes are special order only and may be subject to minimum quantities and/or additional terms & conditions.

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