Ring Sets

Ring Set Program

Almost all of NEBCO’s™ braided packing styles can be die-molded into pre-sized and pre-packaged ring sets for ease and convenience. (Core versions not available die-molded.)

Ring Sets

NEBCO™ Ring Sets are pre-labeled by style, size, number of rings, stores codes, bar codes and QR codes (when supplied). In addition, all ring sets have skive (angled) joints whenever suitable for the style of packing and application to give the most reliable sealing possible.


Skive Cut
Skive Cut
Butt Cut
Butt Cut

Both standard and metric sizes are available for a variety of equipment.


Benefits of Ring Sets

Eliminate waste: The right amount of packing for the equipment, no miscut rings.

Safe & Fast Installation: Easy reliable ring seating with no time wasted in cutting rings from bulk packing. No need for knives, great for safety mandates!

Reduce Misapplication: The correct set for a specific piece of equipment identified by store codes and equipment information minimizing time spent on purchasing, receiving, and storeroom administration.

Reduce Inventory: Common stores codes for multiple pieces of equipment create interchangeable replacement sets for more than one piece of equipment.

Track Costs: Ring sets become standard parts for the equipment and can be used to track the equipment operating costs more efficiently and effectively.

Non-Contaminating: Easier to keep required packing clean until install.

Additional Products Available: SATB® (Self Aligning Throat Bushing), LRC™ rings (Lantern Ring Coil), GRT rings and GMTFE rings available separately or a part of a complete ring set.



To order, please supply:

  1. NEBCO™ Style number desired.
  2. ID. X OD. X Number of rings.
  3. Make, model and size of equipment (if available).
  4. Stores (inventory) code (optional).




*Certain styles & sizes are special order only and may be subject to minimum quantities and/or additional terms & conditions.

**For informational purposes only. New England Braiding Co., Inc. (NEBCO™) believes this information to be the best available. Any specific application you have should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability, safety and material compatibility. No warranty is expressed or implied as each application is unique. While we have used the utmost care in the preparation of this information, we assume no liability for errors or responsibility for consequential damages resulting from the use of these products.