AKII Tool IconThe importance of proper tools

Proper packing tools are often an overlooked piece of equipment. Correct installation and removal of packings is essential for optimum sealing performance. One of the main reasons for pump & valve packing failure is improper installation leading to imbalanced compression and higher rate of leaks and emissions.

Too often a pump gets packed poorly because someone “stuffed” the packing in with an improper tool or did not “seat” each ring of packing individually and instead pushed the rings in together.

These common practices can lead to rough startups, contamination, increased maintenance, wear & excess heat, leading to down time and/or loss of revenue which could be avoided simply by using the right tools and preparing the site, equipment, supplies & tools before maintenance even starts. NEBCO™ packing tools are designed to assist personnel in the removal and installation of compression packing in the most efficient and safest manner possible. The assorted size tools make it easy to install or remove packing from various size equipment.

Types of tools & their uses

Extractors & Picks

Used to hook and remove the used packing from the stuffing box.

Flexible Extractors

Flexible extractors are made from twisted steel cable and some feature replaceable ends with a choice of corkscrew (for softer, fibrous packings) or woodscrew tip (for stiffer or hardened packings). The replaceable tips ensure the old packing rings come out of hard to get at areas each and every time.

Corkscrew & Woodscrew Tip

Available in seven sizes.

#00*- 6 1/2″ Long for 1/4″ to 5/16″ Packing
#01- 7 1/2″ Long for 5/16″ Packing & Up
#02- 11″ Long for 7/16″ Packing & Up
#03- 14 1/2″ Long for 1/2″ Packing & Up
#04*- 19″ Long for 5/8″ Packing & Up
#05*- 23″ Long for 3/4″ Packing & Up
#06*- 30″ Long for 1″ Packing & Up

*These sizes are only available with fixed corkscrew tips.

Solid Shaft Picks

Solid shaft picks are an excellent choice for removing valve stem packing and packing which tends to break up easily. They are also useful for checking for shaft sleeve roughness, wear and stuffing box bore pits or leak paths. These picks are zinc plated for extra corrosion resistance.

Available in three sizes.
#07- 10″ Long for 1/8″ Packing & Up
#08- 10″ Long for 3/16″ Packing & Up
#09- 10″ Long for 5/16″ Packing & Up

Flexible Packing Tamper

Packing Tamper

A tool used to install packing in pumps and valves by “tamping” the packing down into the bottom of the stuffing box one ring at a time, ensuring proper compression upon sealing. NEBCO’s™ packing tampers are made from a strong and durable molded polymer compound. The tampers simplify the job of repacking all types of rotating and reciprocating process equipment and valves and does not damage “delicate” packings such as graphite, during installation. The packing tampers can be cut down to the required shaft size and used repeatedly.

The Packing Knife

The Packing Knife (with finger guard and sheath) features a corrosion resistant stainless-steel blade that quickly and cleanly cuts all braided packings. After use, the stiff thin blade can be quickly restored to a fine cutting edge with only a few strokes of a mill file. A correctly sized, clean cut can make the difference between creating a good seal or creating a bad leak path.


*Certain styles & sizes are special order only and may be subject to minimum quantities and/or additional terms & conditions.

**For informational purposes only. New England Braiding Co., Inc. (NEBCO™) believes this information to be the best available. Any specific application you have should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability, safety and material compatibility. No warranty is expressed or implied as each application is unique. While we have used the utmost care in the preparation of this information, we assume no liability for errors or responsibility for consequential damages resulting from the use of these products.